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J. Helen Yoo and Kathryn. J. Saunders
The Discrimination of Printed Words by Prereading Children
Luis Antonio Pérez-González, Benigno Alonso-Álavarez, and Gladys Williams
Teaching a Simple Discrimination Using a Blocked-Trial Procedure to Overcome Location Overselectivity
Luis Alberto Quiroga Baquero, María Antonia Padilla Vargas, and Cristiano Valerio dos Santos
Experimental Analysis of the Formulation of Counterfactual Statements in Second Order Matching-to-Sample Tasks
Kendra Brooks Newsome, Kimberly Nix Berens, Patrick M. Ghezzi, Tiffany Aninao, and William D. Newsome
Training Relational Language to Improve Reading Comprehension
Siri Ming, Lauren Moran, and Ian Stewart
Derived Relational Responding and Generative Language: Applications and Future Directions for Teaching Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Børge Strømgren, Cathrine Berg-Mortensen, and Linn Tangen
The Use of Precision Teaching to Teach Basic Math Facts
Derek D. Reed, Bryan T. Yanagita, Amel Becirevic, and Brent A. Kaplan
Consumer Foraging for Safer Tanning Alternatives: A Naturally Occurring Experiment on Informational Reinforcement in the UK


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