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Robert C. Mellon
Transitions to Safety in “Obsessive” Thinking: Covert Links of Operant Chains in Clinical Behavior Analysis

Zuilma Gabriela Sigurðardóttir
Thoughts and Concerns About the Education of Behavior Analysts

L. Valencia-Torres, C. M. Olarte-Sánchez, S. Body, C. M. Bradshaw and E. Szabadi
Investigations of the Neurobiological Bases of Inter-Temporal Choice Behaviour

M. Jackson Marr and Diego Zilio
No Island Entire of Itself: Reductionism and Behavior Analysis

Martha Pelaez
Dimensions of Rules and Their Correspondence to Rule-Governed Behavior

Ian Stewart
A Recent Behaviour Analytic Approach to the Self

Francis Mechner, Tim Fredrick, and Tiffany Jenkins
How Can One Specify and Teach Thinking Skills?

Laurilyn D. Jones and Francis Mechner
Systematic Operant Bias Observed in Human Participants During Research on Choice

Julian C. Leslie
Echoes of the European Meetings for the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour

Camila Muchon de Melo and Júlio C. de Rose
The Concept of Culture in Skinnerian Radical Behaviorism: Debates and Controversies

Jessica Singer-Dudek, Jinhyeok Choi, and Laura Lyons
The Effects of an Observational Intervention on the Emergence of Two Types of Observational Learning

Amy Hulson-Jones, J. Carl Hughes, Richard P. Hastings, and Michael Beverley
Using the Toolbox Series for Literacy with Adult Struggling Readers

Iver H. Iversen
Constraint-Induced Therapy as Behavior Analysis Neurorehabilitation Intervention: An
Interview with Dr. Edward Taub


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